Компания «Балтех» – это лидер российского промышленного рынка по производству и поставке систем лазерной центровки валов, балансировочных станков и приборов балансировки, виброметров, стетоскопов и виброанализаторов
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Workshop «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing»
We invite technical specialists to participate in the training course on the topic «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing» which will take place Am 23-24 April, 2020 in Germany (Lubeck). The workshop is arranged for specialists in quality, service engineers, mechanics and power engineers who are responsible for the reliability of machines and industrial equipment.

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-- Equipment


BALTECH is a leader in solving tasks, connected with reliability of industrial equipment. We offer a comprehensive solution for industrial electromechanical equipment in thermal imaging diagnostics, vibration diagnostics, balancing, alignment, oil and lubricant analysis. Baltech also offers tools for bearing mounting and dismounting. We will not only assist you in creating a department of diagnostics and reliability assurance, but also carry out training and technical maintenance at your enterprise.

Bearing diagnostics

When purchasing bearings it is necessary to perform their diagnostics because even new bearings can have defects due to their improper transportation and storage. Our bearing diagnostics stands PROTON-SPP Series are unique in all senses. These stands allow to select only reliable manufacturers and suppliers of bearings, which considerably reduces expenses for purchasing annual volume of bearings and thus reduces unscheduled emergency downtime due to failure of bearing assemblies.


Vibration meters, vibration testers, vibration pens

Vibration meters and vibration pens BALTECH VP Series are easy-to use instruments for all users: both for beginners and for experienced diagnosticians. Today all the enterprises of Kazakhstan are equipped with these devices, because our vibration testers and vibration meters BALTECH VP are the most efficient in terms of cost/performance ratio. Our vibration meters measure three parameters (vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement). The simpliest vibration meters measure only one parameter (vibration velocity) in accordance with the international standard ISO 10816.


Vibration analyzers, analyzers, collectors

Vibration analyzers 2130 are top grade analyzers and collectors. We are pleased to offer you one universal and comprehensive approach for all tasks, connected with diagnostics of pumps, turbines, fans, compressors, gearboxes, electric motors, bearings and other machines and mechanisms. BALTECH offers one complex solution for diagnostics of low-frequency and high-frequency equipment, 4-plane dynamic balancing, analysis of resonances, coherence, as well as diagnostics of electromagnetic systems of electromotor stators and rotors with magnetic field sensors.


Stationary systems of vibration monitoring and vibration protection

Stationary systems for online monitoring and vibration protection PROTON-1000 series are intended for technical condition inspection in real-time mode (around-the-clock), that considerably reduce risk of unscheduled and emergency downtime of industrial equipment. Our systems are open, therefore you only need to determine a system type (distributed or crate), its hierarchy and type of displaying signals and mnemocircuits of a monitored equipment. For example, a “traffic light” (red-yellow-green) is placed by a mechanism, settings and required limit levels are configured on the display, and diagnosticians and managers acquire mnemocircuit of the whole mechanism with specification of inspection points for detailed diagnosticsдиагностики.


Dynamic balancing in own bearings

Dynamic balancing in own bearings can be performed very easily, simply and quickly with a vibration analyzer 2130 or vibration meter-tachometer- thermometer- balancer PROTON-Balance. To ensure precise balancing PROTON-Balance set includes a magnetic shaft position sensor (inclinometer), precision scales and trial weights. The cost of this set is approximately 500 000 tenge. Thus, it is the most inexpensive set for dynamic balancing in the market of Kazakhstan .


Balancing machines for dynamic balancing

Balancing machines from BALTECH are designed to balance rigid and flexible rotors with high sensitivity up to 0.25 µm, which provides effective balancing with minimal residual unbalance. BALTECH offers all types of hard-bearing and soft-bearing balancing machines with cardan or belt drive for rotors, shafts and wheels from 0.1 to 95000 kg. Installation and commissioning are performed by our specialists at your enterprise at any time which is convenient to you. Maintenance and warranty are provided throughout the entire service life of machines


Laser alignment, shaft alignment, pulley/ sheave alignment, belt drive alignment

Laser alignment of shafts and pulleys must be conducted only with our systems KVANT, XA GO, Dirigo, Exigo. We are the only certified service centre in Kazakhstan. Delivery of alignment systems, training and metrology (calibration, checking) are performed by our company with account of equipment specifics


Infrared cameras, thermography and thermal imaging diagnostics

Infrared cameras BALTECH TR Series are the best devices for conducting thermal imaging diagnostics of industrial equipment and energy audit of buildings and structures. High quality of infrared cameras and price from 195 000 tenge provide fast and convenient thermal imaging diagnostics at your enterprise using your own resources.


Pyrometers, portable non-contact thermometers

Non- contact portable thermometers BALTECH Series are the best devices in its segment with adjustable emissivity 0,1-1,0, high field of view ratio D:S=1:50 and wide temperature range from -500°С up to +15000°С .


Oil and lubricant analyzers, tribology and tribodiagnostics

Oil and lubricant analyzers 5200 from BALTECH are specially designed to conduct preventive diagnostics of oil and lubricant condition. There are no analogues in tribology. After performing 4 tests within 8 minutes in accordance with the international standard ISO 11171 you get information on oil watering, oil pollution (presence of metallic and nonmetallic impurities), viscosity and presence of small and coarse particles. Based on the diagnostics results you will be able to make decision on how to ensure equipment reliability in future.


Induction heaters for mounting/dismounting of bearings, couplings and rings

Induction heaters BALTECH HI Series are intended to perform induction heating of bearings, half -couplings and rings during the equipment repair.

The induction heaters allow to saves time and energy because they heat only bearing inner race or only mounting bore of a half-coupling or gear or any symmetrical part. A contact temperature sensor prevents bearing overheating. You should remember, that bearings must not be heated over 1200°С-1250°С.


Instrument for bearing assembling on shaft or in housing

Mounting tool kit BALTECH TOOLS is used when assembling a bearing on its shaft or in a housing. During bearing mounting forces are transmitted through rolling elements (rollers, balls), which often damages rolling bearing. In such cases diagnostics is waste of time. Our mounting tool kit prevents force transmission


Measurement of foundation flatness and levelness, leveling

During repair works it is necessary to control foundation flatness and levelness with laser systems BALTECH. If the flatness is distorted (according to the construction standards it must not exceed 0.4 mm/m), then wear and vibration will be great on any aggregate.


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